This devotional is uniquely Catholic in that the meditation is based on the daily readings for the Mass, called the Lectionary. But you don't have to be Catholic to find a home here! Click on 'Today's reading' for the lectionary link to read the bible readings, then click the back button and spend a few minutes with the meditation. Relax! This is your time, well deserved, much needed, and holy. Let all the things you "should be doing" melt away and bask in the presence of your God who loves you!

Before we begin, let us pray,

Father, you created me and put me on earth for a purpose. Jesus, you died for me and called me to complete your work. Holy Spirit, you help me to carry out the work for which I was created and called. In your presence and name - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - I begin my meditation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Service with a smile.

Lectionary: 349
Reading 1
Responsorial Psalm

St. Philip Neri

St. Philip Neri was the kind of guy you want to have at your party. He was jovial and known for his good nature. He was social and fun. He was also deeply spiritual and lived to serve others, especially the youth. What a great example of joyful spirituality for our families! 
One more thing: Jesus tells us if we wish to be great, we must be a slave of all. Sounds dreary, right? Do your kids every complain of being the servant or having to do everything or heave a big sigh when reminded of chores? We often have the wrong idea about service. Using St. Philip's example, teach your family to approach service as an opportunity to get to heaven. St. Philip used music and laughter to motivate and attract people to Christ. What are some ways you use to remind your family to perform service with a smile? 
Prayer: Lord Jesus, like James and John, I want to be close to you in eternity! Give me a spirit of joyful service so that others, especially my family, will see you in me. In your name I pray, Amen. St. Philip, pray for me. 

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