This devotional is uniquely Catholic in that the meditation is based on the daily readings for the Mass, called the Lectionary. But you don't have to be Catholic to find a home here! Click on 'Today's reading' for the lectionary link to read the bible readings, then click the back button and spend a few minutes with the meditation. Relax! This is your time, well deserved, much needed, and holy. Let all the things you "should be doing" melt away and bask in the presence of your God who loves you!

Before we begin, let us pray,

Father, you created me and put me on earth for a purpose. Jesus, you died for me and called me to complete your work. Holy Spirit, you help me to carry out the work for which I was created and called. In your presence and name - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - I begin my meditation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Building faith.

Lectionary: 282
Reading 1
Responsorial Psalm
St. Catherine of Siena

St. Paul gives the Jews a history lesson in the first reading. Salvation history had many building blocks. Each generation added to what went before. 
One more thing: We are each standing on the shoulders of our ancestors. Like seaweed that rises from the depth of the ocean and grows toward the sun. Christ even speaks of the connectedness of the one He sends, to himself, and thus to God the Father. How did your parents lay the foundation for your faith and what are you doing with your own family to continue the growth towards eternal life? Please comment below! 
Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are the cornerstone upon which I build my faith. Help me to lay a strong foundation for my children, so that they grow ever closer to you. St. Catherine, pray for me. Amen. 

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